TDA Mission Statement

To help dentists succeed and support the advancement of the health of the public.

TDA Strategic Plan: 2023-2025

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Membership


Ensure an engaged and inclusive membership environment by providing relevant member value


Objective 1.1: Increase membership numbers by 2% by end of year 2025

  • Develop a recruitment / engagement plan targeting market segments
  • Create a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all dentists
  • Establish team leader structure to facilitate outreach to members / non-members
  • Engage local societies / volunteers in recruiting new members non-renews

Objective 1.2: Ensure annual retention rate is between 92 - 95%

  • Ensure effective consistent value marketing of all programs and offerings
  • Offer networking and engagement opportunities among and between various member audiences
  • Engage local societies / volunteers in retaining non-renews

Objective 1.3: Identify current and future member needs and explore opportunities to meet those needs.

  • Develop ongoing survey tools designed to collect baseline dentist, student member and non-member needs
  • Create a focused strategy to develop value for new dentists

Goal 2: Organizational Sustainability

Organizational Sustainability

Ensure financial and organizational stability to serve our members


Objective 2.1: Streamline and simplify governance to ensure a more effective business model

  • Evaluate current overall structure to identify gaps and opportunities for efficiencies
  • Evaluate and determine the need for redistricting and makeup of the board

Objective 2.2: Ensure leadership sustainability to maintain programs and governance

  • Develop a pathway to leadership plan to engage members and help guide them into volunteer roles
  • Create a structured plan for ongoing orientation and training for new board members, volunteers and component leadership

Objective 2.3: Maintain financial health of the association

Objective 2.4: Well informed board of trustees

  • Ongoing education and training of the board to ensure proactive decision making

Goal 3: Advocacy


Be the leading voice for oral health in Tennessee


Objective 3.1:  Develop, strengthen and leverage relationships with key stakeholders

  • Engage and collaborate with the government, medical, dental agencies for partnership and education opportunities (Blue sky activities)

Objective 3.2: Engage and educate members on legislative issues

  • Establish a member communication plan to promote the legislative agenda and increase response to action alerts
  • Develop a plan to increase district involvement to create a grassroots effort
  • Provide training and education sessions to increase members understanding on issues

Objective 3.3: Ability to inform and act on legislative issues proactively

  • Establish a quick response system that outlines the governance and process of decision making
  • Provide training for committee members and leaders on process and role clarification
  • Ensure lobbyist is being directed effectively and providing accurate information in a timely manner