Peer Review

Conflict Resolution for TDA Member Dentists and Their Patients

Even in the best dentist-patient relationship, a problem may occur. Many times, an informal discussion of the concern will clear up the matter. However, if the concern remains unresolved, the TDA has a conflict resolution process called Peer Review.

What is Peer Review? Peer review is a process through which problems or disputes can be resolved before going through other more lengthy grievance processes. The committee volunteers are TDA members chosen by their district to educate, facilitate communication, and make corrections where needed. PEER REVIEW IS NOT A COURT OF LAW nor a punitive action inquiry. Participation is VOLUNTARY for all parties concerned. Also, mediation cannot obtain for the patient more than was paid the dentist for services rendered.  

Matters Accepted for Peer Review Mediation

  • Appropriateness of Care: Whether the dentist provided appropriate treatment for the condition that existed.
  • Quality of Treatment: Whether the treatment performed was done correctly based on the standard of care expected by the profession.

Matters Not Accepted for Peer Review Mediation

  • Payment, billing, and/or insurance disputes.
  • Complaints of poor customer service or regarding a staff member’s behavior.
  • Already filed with the Tennessee Board of Dentistry investigations department.
  • Attorney retained.
  • Work has been re-done.
  • Work is beyond the statute of limitations.

Other Comments

  • The patient should pursue Peer Review before re-doing the unsatisfactory dental procedure, which would negate the ability to examine the work if necessary.
  • Confidentiality is maintained throughout the mediation process, with information restricted to the patient, dentist, and mediator.

Peer Review Committee Contact Information

Options to Initiate a Complaint:

Download Form 

Information Needed:

  • First and last name of treating dentist. Complaints regarding a group practice do not qualify for Peer Review.
  • City where treatment was performed.
  • Very brief description of complaint. Details will be required later.

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