What is Peer Review?

Dentistry maintains a very high degree of public and professional credibility. The people who have been involved with peer review feel that the "Peer Review System" is one of the best ways to demonstrate the real depth of Dentistry's commitment to true service for our patients and the public.

Peer review, in its simplest terms, is a system by which the dental profession demonstrates the appropriateness and quality of the care it renders. It provides an expert and credible system for resolving disagreements that cannot be resolved at an earlier, more informal stage. It is expert because men and women with appropriate professional credentials help conduct the hearings, review the evidence and make objective decisions based on the findings. It is credible because its rules and procedures are clearly set forth and afford an equal opportunity for each participant to be heard fully.

PEER REVIEW IS NOT A COURT OF LAW. It is there to help educate, to settle problems, clarify and make corrections where necessary. It is VOLUNTARY for all parties concerned. Please be aware that the Peer Review Committee will not be able to obtain more than the patient has paid the dentist for services rendered (and or) that a 100% reimbursement is not a guarantee. In any case, those using its services should abide by its findings. The strength of peer review is derived entirely from its ability to function effectively and fairly. The most vital element is sound judgment based on wide experience and exercised by men and women of honesty and good judgment.