Frequently Asked Questions

Membership in the TDA provides you with access to a diverse range of resources and opportunities. To learn more, view our Membership Benefits Guide. Have other questions? See below.

Why Should I Join the Tennessee Dental Association?

More than 2,500 dentists choose membership in the TDA. Why? Important advocacy wins, buying power to  save money on products and servicesinsurance products for you, your staff and your family,  information, and opportunities for continuing education and networking with your professional community. Your membership delivers essential resources, guidance, and advocacy and provides opportunities to shape the practice of dentistry in Tennessee.

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What Will TDA Membership Do For Me?

The TDA helps you build your clinical confidence, meet your CE requirements through high-quality CE offerings, manage your finances, and improve your overall well-being. Membership in the TDA helps you maintain and grow your practice by keeping you up to date on advances in practice management and offering resources to make your practice more efficient. Your membership also connects you to our community of dedicated dental professionals just like you. 

How Do I Apply?

Please click the link below to apply. 

 New Members - Join Now 

Applications can also be requested by emailing or by calling (615) 628-0208. 

Completed applications may be sent in the following ways:

Fax: (615) 628-0214
Mail: 660 Bakers Bridge Ave Ste 300
         Franklin, TN 37067

Do I Pay Dues for the ADA, TDA and Local Component Separately?

No. The TDA invoices includes dues for the Tennessee Dental Association, ADA and your District. The TDA then forwards the money to the ADA and your District. 

Is It Worth The Money To Join?

Membership in the TDA supports and improves the profession of dentistry and the oral health of Tennessee. Our members find that the benefits far outweigh the cost of their dues, and some benefits would be impossible to obtain by any other means. 

It would cost a great deal for individual dentists if the ADA was not there to protect the interests of dentistry at the national level, or if the TDA was not a voice at the table to lobby for or against state legislation affecting the profession. If dentists had to hire experts to answer every regulatory or human resources question or problem that arose, pay the going rate for continuing dental education courses, or research every compliance issue on his or her own, the price would be significantly higher than the cost of membership. 

Participation in endorsed programs and services (including healthcare coverage, compliance assistance, professional liability insurance, office management) can provide members with significant savings. Many members are able to recoup a good deal of their dues dollars through the savings they receive by simply participating in these programs. 

Are My Dues Tax Deductible?

Dues payments are deductible by members as an ordinary and necessary business expense. However, the portion of the ADA & TDA dues that funds our lobbying efforts is not tax deductible. The amounts are noted on the invoice. Similarly, contributions to the Political Action Committee are not deductible. 

I'm Retiring, What Do I Need To Do?

Congratulations! When a member is going to retire, it is important to work with the TDA to complete a retirement affidavit. To begin this process, please contact Grace Czosek, Membership Services Coordinator via email or phone using the contact information below: 

Grace Czosek 
Phone: (615) 628-0208 ext. 104