Tennessee Dental Wellness Foundation

Working in the dental profession can be emotional, stressful, physically demanding, and mentally exhausting. As dental professionals, we are only human, but we often feel the pressure to perform with superhuman perfection and at an unrealistic pace. Recognizing this potential problem, the Tennessee Dental Association (TDA) established the Wellness Committee in 1981.  Since that time, it has discretely assisted hundreds of members of our dental family (dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants) when they experience difficulties capable of affecting their performance. 

In 2019, the TDA’s Wellness Committee was dissolved and its responsibilities were transferred to the Tennessee Dental Wellness Foundation (TDWF). The TDWF is a nonprofit, 501c3 that works with dental professionals like the Wellness Committee did in the past. It is supported and promoted by the TDA, but operates independently.  If you need assistance, know someone that does, or have any questions, you can visit the TDWF’s website at www.tndentalwellness.com or you can call 615.628.3200