Councils & Committees

Councils and Committees of the TDA explore matters more in depth than is possible for the Board of Trustees. Councils and committees do much work of the Association as it draws together members from different parts of the state with relevant expertise to research issues and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Councils and committees do not have the power to act independently.

Councils & Committees Handbook

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TDA Councils & Committees 2023-2024


Dental Benefits Programs, Council

Purpose: Study, recommend and disseminate information regarding dental benefit programs to the membership.

Meetings: One virtual and one in-person meeting each year. Email communication as needed.

Term:  Three (3) years. Maximum of two terms.


Bradley White, Chair (2)

Angela Cameron (1)

Ryan Wilson (3)

Lisa Stanley (4)

Kathy Hall (5)

Dennis Sigman (6)

Bennett Hunt (7)

Kristie Dye (8)

Alan Sonny Salomon (9)

Board Liaison:

Hope Watson (2)

Membership, Communications and Relief, Council

Purpose: Identify and monitor trends and issues that affect membership, recruitment and retention, and membership involvement; recommend actions to enhance member value; coordinate communications with membership; chair serves as trustee on TDA Relief Fund.

Meetings: One virtual and one in-person meeting each year. Email communication as needed.

Term: Three (3) years. Maximum of two terms.


Andrew Conkin, Chair (1) 

Christina Honey (2)

Jason Blair (3)

Brett Germain (4)

Lydia Lancaster (5)

Emalie Hutton (6)

Robert Trim (7)

Emily Boyd (8)

Nishel Patel (9)

Ex Officio:

Stueart Hudsmith, President-elect (9)

Ken Randall, V.P. East Tennessee (3)

Rajan Kshatri, V.P. Middle Tennessee (5)

Trey Carney, V.P. West Tennessee (7)

Jay G. Davis, Treasurer (4)

Brooklin Byrd, New Dentist Rep (9)

State Agencies, Awards, Ethics, and Judicial Affairs, Council

Purpose: Nominate individuals to serve as members of Tennessee Board of Dentistry; nominate for awards and honorary recognition; provide advisory opinions regarding interpretation of ADA Ethics and Professional Conduct; investigate ADA ethics violations.

Meetings: Two virtual and one in-person meeting each year. Email communication as needed

Term: Three (3) years. Maximum of 2 terms.

Restriction: Must be a previous Fellowship Award recipient; may not currently serve on Board of Dentistry.


Stanley Waddell, Chair (9)

Jon Mather (1)

Vicki Guffey (2)

Matt Brock (3)

Tracy Pack (4)

Tony Vaughn (5)

Paul Cullum (6)

Jimmy Hawkins (7)

Jennifer Cornell (8) 

Board Liaison:

Mike Lamb (1)


Advisory Committee on Annual Meetings

Purpose: Planning and execution of TDA's annual meeting, the Music City Dental Conference, in conjunction with the TDA executive office. Divided into two subcommittees: Continuing Education and Exhibitor Relations and Fundraising.

Meetings: Two or three virtual with subcommittee as assigned and one in-person meeting each year. Email communication as needed.

Term: Three (3) years. Maximum of two terms.


Continuing Education Subcommittee 

Chad Edwards, Chair (5)

John Coulter (2) 

David Meister (5) 

Todd Smith (9) 

Savannah Bolick, RDA 

Andrea Maguire, RDH

Exhibitor Relations & Fundraising Subcommittee 

Beth Randall (3)

Andrew Conkin (1)

Bradley White (2) 

Irvin Rainey, Jr. (7)

Ex Officio: 

Chip Clayton, TDA President 

Stueart Hudsmith, TDA President-elect 

Governmental Affairs Committee

Purpose: Promote oral health and dentistry in matters of legislation and regulations; evaluate pending legislation and recommend position when needed; report legislative activity to the Board and membership.

Meetings: One virtual and one in-person meeting each year. Email communication as needed.

Term: One (1) year. No term limit.

Restriction: Cannot work full-time for the state or federal government.


Jeannie Beauchamp, Chair (8)

Hope Watson (2)

William D. Powell (2)

Ken Randall (3)

Rick Kinard (4)

Rhonda Switzer-Nadasdi (5) 

Ashish Patel (5)

James R. Hight Jr. (7)

Leon Stanislav (8) 

New Dentist Committee

Purpose: Review current needs and concerns of new dentists; recommendations to increase recruitment and retention rates of young dentists; liaison between dental students and the TDA.

Meetings: Two virtual and one in-person meeting each year. Email communication as needed.

Term: Three (3) years. May serve an additional term, if needed by a small district.

Restriction: Upon appointment, shall have been in practice no longer than 8 years.


Brooklin Byrd, Chair (9)

Allison Williams (1)

Chris Lee (2)

Alaina Marinello (3)

Taylor Engler (4)

Jeff Penner (5)

Sam Hutton (6)

Donald Mauney (7)

Zach Meyer (8)

Peer Review Committee

Purpose: Review matters concerning, but not limited to, appropriateness of care and quality of treatment, based on appropriate requests from a patient or dentist.

Time Requirement: Dependent on number of cases in district and complexity of issue. Will include phone calls to each party, review of applicable materials, and occasionally in-person case review.

Term: Determined by component society.


Greg Kemp, Chair (9)

Ernest “Skip” Cooper (1)

Pablo Foncea (2)

Joseph Payne (3)

Garrett Orr (4)

Doug Holliday (5)

Richard Robinette (6)

Jay McLemore (7)

Ernest DeWald (8)

Jodi Rump (9)

Board Liaison:

Stueart Hudsmith (9)

Dental Education & Licensure

Purpose: Study and recommend standards that promote and support high quality continuing education for the dental profession and auxiliary personnel. The committee suggests standards to the Board of Trustees and monitors compliance.

Meetings: Two virtual and one in-person meeting each year. Email communication as needed.

Term: Three (3) years. Maximum of 2 terms. 


Anthony Carroccia, Chair (8)

Kristy Dye (8) 

Robert Ammarell (5) 

Marie Farrar (3) 

Elizabeth Lee (9) 

Ex Officio 

Chip Clayton, TDA President 

Stueart Hudsmith, TDA President-Elect 

Committees of the Board

Anesthesia, Sedation and Scope of Practice Committee

Purpose: Make recommendations regarding anesthesia, sedation, and scope of practice issues.

Meetings: One each year. Email communication as needed.

Term: One (1) year. No term limit.


Anthony Carroccia, Chair (8)

Sanford Prince (1)

Andrew R. Lunn (3)

George A. Adams, Jr. (5)

Katie Bradford (5)

Mitchel S. Godat (9)

Chris C. Rowland (9)

Board Liaison:

Keith Gilmore (8)

Oral Health Initiatives Committee

Purpose: Monitor access to care issues in Tennessee and make recommendations related to improving oral health status for the underserved; collaborate as needed with the Governmental Affairs Committee regarding legislation.

Meetings: One each year. Email communication as needed.

Term: One (1) year. No term limit.


Rhonda Switzer-Nadasdi, Chair (5)

Rick Bateman (1)

Rachel Hymes (1)

Danny Chacko (2)

John Osborn (2)

Karim Hasnani (3)

Jay Davis (4)

Joseph Faiz (4)

George Adams, Jr. (5)

Lanora Bryant (7)

Theodore Tutwiler (8)

Scott Edwards (9)

Board Liaison

Rhonda Switzer-Nadasdi (5)

Affiliated with the TDA

Tennessee Dental PAC Board of Directors

Purpose: To improve government by encouraging dentists to take a more active and effective part in governmental affairs, and to encourage understanding of the actions of the government regarding important political issues, the records of officeholders and candidates for elective office.

Meetings: One virtual and one in-person meeting each year. Email communication as needed.

Term: Three (3) years. No term limit.


Rhett Raum, Chair (5)

Randy Montgomery (1)

William D. Powell (2)

Tom Gardenhire (3)

W. Roy Thompson (4) 

Dennis Sigman (6)

Mike King (7)

Leon Stanislav (8)

Chuck Keltner (9)


Chip Clayton, President, TDA 

Stueart Hudsmith, President-elect, TDA

Allen Burleson, Secretary, TDA

Jay G. Davis, Treasurer, TDA

Mitch Baldree, Immediate Past Pres.

John Petty, Speaker of the House

Jeannie Beauchamp, Chair, Gov. Affairs

Linda Powell, Alliance

Ex Officio:

Cherae Farmer-Dixon, Dean, Meharry

James Ragain, Dean, UTHSC 

Denise Terese-Koch, LMU

Andrea Hayes, Executive Director, TDA 

Member Emeritus: 

L. Dale Blevins, Clarksville 

TDA Foundation Board of Directors

Purpose: Promote dental health programs and dental education; educate public about dentistry; establish and fund dental scholarships; support dental research.

Meetings: One in-person each year.

Term: Three (3) years. No term limit.

Directors - TDA Foundation

G. Robert Hopper, President (7)

William D. Powell, Vice President (2)

Lee Wilson, Secretary (9)

Frank McMeen, Treasurer (West TN)

Mike Lamb (1)

TBD (3)

John Petty (4)

Brian West (5)

TBD (6)

Ernest DeWald (8)

Jeff Smith (East TN)

Jerry Newman (Middle TN)

Ex Officio:

Chip Clayton, President

Stueart Hudsmith, President-elect

Andrea Hayes, TDA Executive Director  

President Emeritus:

Stephen M. Sawrie (3)

TDA Insurance Agency, Inc.

6505 Lee Highway
Chattanooga 37421


Leon E. Stanislav, Chair

Jeffrey R. Smith, Treasurer

James R. Hight Jr

Lee E. Wilson

Beth Randall

Chris Scoggins

Buck Orrison 


Andrea Hayes, Executive Director

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Other Dental Organizations

Tennessee Dental Hygienists' Association

Susan Melton

Vice President 
Debbie Taylor 

Chelsea Schoenfeld 

Demario Walls 

Speaker of the House 
Kelly Gross

Sr. ADHA Delegate 
Kellye Wilson 

Jr. ADHA Delegate 
Whitney Howerton

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Tennessee Dental Assistants' Association

Mark Matney, CDA, RDA, FADAA, BS
TNDAA President 2020 - 2022
Ooltewah, TN

Vice President 
Janice R. Harper, RDA, CDA, EFDA, BA
TNDAA Vice President 2020 - 2021
Memphis, TN

Cindy Norman, RDA, CDA, EFDA 
TNDAA Secretary 2020 - 2021
Chattanooga, TN

Betty Gail Fox, CDA, RDA, FADA, AS
TNDAA Treasurer 2018 - Present
Seymour, TN

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Department of Veterans Affairs

Nashville Campus Dental Service

Donna Walls, Chief, Dental Service
1310 24th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37212615-873-7120

Murfreesboro Campus Dental Service

3400 Lebanon Pike
Murfreesboro, TN  37129

Clarksville VA Clinic Dental Service

2292 Dalton Drive, Suite F
Clarksville, TN  37043

Chattanooga VA Clinic Dental Service

6200 Building, Suite 5200
6098 Debra Road
Chattanooga, TN  37411
423-893-6500 Ext. 27903

PanTennessee Dental Association

Marrio Thomas, President
670 Colonial Road, Suite 6
Memphis, TN 38117

Ron Staples, Executive Secretary
1251 Wesley Drive, Suite 101
Memphis, TN 38116

Thomas Williams, Recording Secretary
5932 Woodland Hills Dr
Nashville, TN 37211

Joyce F. Freshwater, Treasurer
577 East Raines Road
Memphis, TN 38109

William Phillips, Immediate Past President
714 Central Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37403

TN Association of Orthodontists

Andy McDaniel, President

Katie Hart, President-Elect 

Eric Buchner, Vice President

Allen Chance, Secretary Treasurer

Michael Weathersby, East TN Director 

Candice Coleman, Middle TN Director

TBD, West TN Director

TN Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Steven Press, President

Mark Adamiak, Vice President

Stephen Maroda, Secretary/Treasurer

James Christian, Immediate Past Pres

Mr. Hank Holderfield, Executive Director TSOMS

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TN Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Robert Caldwell, President 

Dr. Daniel Holsinger, President-elect

Dr. Tim McNutt Sr., Secretary/Treasurer

 Dr. Joe Faiz, Public Policy Advocate

 Dr. Jeannie Beauchamp, Legislative Representative

TN Society of Periodontists

Robert Pulliam, President
4219 Hillsboro Pike Ste 107
Nashville 37215

Brian West, Treasurer
2000 21st Ave S
Nashville 37212

Jean-Max Jean Pierre, Past President
100 Springhouse Court Suite 220
Hendersonville 37075

Southern Association of Orthodontists

Mary Beth Hearn, SAO Director 

Preston Miller, AAO Delegate

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Dental Schools

University of Tennessee

College of Dentistry

James Ragain, Dean
875 Union Avenue 
Memphis 38163

Meharry Medical College 

School of Dentistry 

Cherae Farmer-Dixon, Dean 
1005 Dr. D. B. Todd Jr. Blvd. 
Nashville 37208 

Lincoln Memorial University

College of Dental Medicine 

Denise Terese-Koch, Dean 
1705 St. Mary Street 
Knoxville, TN 37917

TN Academy of General Dentistry

Keith Gilmore, President

Jennifer Cornell, President-elect 

Chris Moore, Treasurer

TBD, Secretary

Gary Woodall, Immediate Past President

Anthony Carroccia, Legislative Chairman/Board Liaison 

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Tennessee Department of Health

710 James Robertson Parkway 
7th Floor 
Nashville, TN 37243 


Ralph Alvarado, MD, FACP


Director, Oral Health Programs
Laura Hopper, BS


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TN Association of Endodontists

James M. Wilson, President
296 Carriage House Drive
Jackson 38305

Yvette Burns, Secretary/Treasurer
2030 Hamilton Place Blvd
Chattanooga, TN  37421-6060

Tennessee Board of Dentistry

Tennessee Board of Dentistry

Ailene Macias, Executive Director     

665 Mainstream Drive

Nashville 37243

615-532-5073 or 800-778-4123 / Option 4


Phillip A. Kemp, President, Rotating/Middle TN

Robert F. Caldwell, Vice President, Middle TN

Edward Moody, East Tennessee

Maricela Rodriguez, East Tennessee

Joseph Britton, Middle Tennessee

Greg Kemp, West Tennessee

Steven Zambrano, West Tennessee


Terry Duvall, Dental Hygienist

Thao Kinsey, Dental Hygienist

Naomi Martin, Dental Assistant

Chris Acree, Citizen

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