Advertising with TDA News

Advertising Standards

The Tennessee Dental Association (TDA) welcomes advertising to inform members about products and services available to them and their practice of dentistry. Advertising must be factually accurate, dignified, and intended to provide and contribute useful information. The appearance of an advertisement in any TDA publication or online does not constitute an endorsement by the TDA or its components, except where such endorsement is specifically authorized and approved. All advertising must be received in final format. TDA cannot guarantee ad positioning. 

Advertising submitted to the TDA is subject to review and publisher approval. The TDA unconditionally reserves the right to decline or edit any advertisement submitted. No cancellations are accepted after the publication deadline. All ads will appear in color and must be paid in full prior to publication.

2023 Tentative Publication Dates and Deadlines

  • Issue 1 (TDA News): January/February (Deadline – Dec. 18; Pub – by Jan. 20)
  • Issue 2 (Journal of the TDA): March/April (Deadline –  February 3; Pub – by March 17)
  • Issue 3 (TDA News): May/June (Deadline – April 7; Pub – by May 19)
  • Issue 4 (TDA News): July/August (Deadline – June 9; Pub – by July 14) 
  • Issue 5 (Journal of the TDA): September/October (Deadline – August 4; Pub – by Sept. 22) 
  • Issue 6 (TDA News): November/December (Deadline- October 6; Pub – by Nov. 17)

Method: Electronic. The TDA also houses an archive of each issue on its website – you can view past issues here.

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